Latino Figures Come Alive

latino1Spanish fluency was on display recently at Jacksonville Country Day School’s second annual “Living Wax Museum.” Spanish specialist Iliana Leonard facilitated this new project for sixth grade students at the school, which was held January 9, 2013, in the Kelly Fine Arts Center.

The virtual “wax museum” celebrated Hispanic culture with students dressed up as famous Latin people whom they had researched online. An actress, a politician, a boxer, a tennis player, and a chef were just some of the famous Latino “wax figures” who impressed visitors. Each student stood still until his or her “button” was pushed. Then, poised students gave a one-minute memorized speech in Spanish, and in character, before returning to their “wax” stance.


The students had practiced a lot and it showed. “Their Spanish fluency was superb. We had some parents even ask if some students spoke Spanish at home,” Mrs. Leonard said.


The “wax museum” prepared students “for an ever changing world by inspiring them to do their best, speak Spanish, and learn about other cultures and countries,” Ruthanne Stabler, director of curriculum at the school, said.

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